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Crypto Courses

From the beginners to the more advanced, we offer courses to traders any crypto enthusiasts of all levels.

Live Webinars

Every 2 weeks, we will be discussing live which Cryptocurrencies we are getting into, the latest ICOs coming up, which ones we like, and what public companies on the stock market are going to benefit from Blockchain technologies.

Interviews With
Industry Experts

Every 2 weeks, live, we will be interviewing experts. Covering Crypto/ICO/Blockchain trends and developments. This will ensure we are always on the forefront of the next best thing.

Forums & Tools

Our forums are for our members to ask questions, get answers and share information in between the live webinars. We have useful tools as well that can help with your trading.

Our Story

About Your Crypto Club

Set up and formed by Marcus de Maria, CEO of Investment Mastery, Your Crypto Club gives you the opportunity to stay ahead of the game in the ever evolving Blockchain & Cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency market is currently in its infancy stage and provides the greatest opportunity of our time. By being part of Your Crypto Club you can learn how to profit from cryptocurrencies from just 20mins per day.

Our Courses

What You Can Learn
  • Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

    A-Z online video guide on how to get started trading and investing with Cryptocurrencies. From opening an account, sending Fiat money to an exchange, opening and wallet and much much more.
  • Where & How to Start Buying Crypto

    How to start buying Bitcoins, Ethereum and other Altcoins. In this section learn how you can buy coins at the lowest price and watch them sky rocket to make huge returns.
  • Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

    Learn the strategies to apply when buying cryptocurrencies and learn how you can profit from these by trading for only 20mins a day.
  • How to Protect Yourself

    Learn how to protect your cryptocurrencies safe using online wallets, cold storage and more. Making sure you are protected from well documented hacks which occur in the cryptocurrency world.
  • How to Avoid Scams

    Learn how you can avoid scams. How to know which opportunities to take and which opportunities to reject. Learn the tail-tale signs of how to avoid transferring your coins to fraudsters.
  • Live ICO Watch

    Learn how to get involved in the hottest ICO’s. What research to conduct, how to keep an eye on the newest pre sale offerings and how you can purchase tokens using your cryptocurrencies.

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What Our Students Say

  • Without ICOs included in the portfolio, the figures are: 239% profit. $20.78K acquisition cost. $49.84K profit. :-) so with ICOs that would be even more.

    Helen D.
  • I invested €8000 - actual value € 18500 , not considering the ico's that still have to come on the market so that is 125-130% approx.

    Lou H.
  • On 4th Dec 2017 in invested $15,000, my account is currently sitting around $41,000. I'm holding 20 currencies (No ICO's). I've been buying and selling. AND learning to hold for longer now, waiting for % gains before selling less! im definitely viewing his as longer term.

    Tally P.